Covered Parking Lots

This system is based on ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) technology, which is used to automatically record vehicle license plates.

The information system informs the user about how to use the parking system, which includes
parking prices, payment methods and information about the ENPARK application that facilitates
payment, reservation and use of parking lot.

How to use:

The user enters the parking lot without the usual taking of a card with a bar code, as the cameras
automatically identify vehicle arrival. On that occasion, the time of vehicle arrival, vehicle
license plates and vehicle photos are stored.

When leaving, the system charges for parking according to: vehicle type and time spent in the
parking lot.

Possible payment methods:

  • Cash
  • Payment and credit cards
  • Parking credit via ENPARK app

Parking credit can be replenished in 3 ways: by paying with a payment card, buying a voucher at
the parking lot or by cash on delivery of the ordered voucher.

User types:

  1. Ordinary users – who pay in cash when leaving the parking lot
  2. Privileged users – use the ENPARK app which allows exiting without delay

The advantages of using this system include:

  • Entering and exiting without waiting
  • Vehicle safety – video records of entries and exits as well as video archive of parking
  • Possibility to reserve a parking lot
  • The number of vacant parking lots on the display and the app
  • Prevented charged parking data manipulation

Benefits for the owner:

  • Minimum parking system maintenance costs
  • Employees have minimal access to cash
  • An intelligent employee control system that informs the owner about irregularities in the work of employees
  • Increased profits
  • The complete system is followed by a web application for charging and control of spent time.