Open Street Parking Lots

The ENPARK management system enables complete charging for parking on the streets.

Possible ways to implement the system:

  • A completely new system as the only method of payment
  • Upgrade of the existing parking system.

The ENPARK system works on the basis of a smartphone app.

Methods of payment: Parking by credit over the phone or by paying the bill at the end of the

Advantages of ENPARK for system owners:

  • Fast and efficient control
  • Cost-effectiveness – low control costs
  • Complete charge for parking
  • Control of all vehicles without subjective exceptions
  • Small number of employees
  • Minimum number of complaints
  • Positive public attitude – prevents fines
  • Steady inflows of funds

Records of time spent in parking lots are made by a specialized vehicle, by the set dynamics and

The company that charges for parking in this way efficiently charges for each individual parking,
as the controlling vehicle:

  1. Performs control faster than the controller (moves at a speed of 20-40 km / h)
  2. Registers each vehicle without subjective exceptions
  3. Performs automatic charging of parking upon recording a vehicle
  4. Has a huge range

Street displays can show the number of vacant parking lots in that street or area.