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Open Street Parking Lots

The ePark management system enables complete charging for parking on the streets. Possible ways to implement the system:
A completely new system as the only method of payment
Upgrade of the existing parking system.

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ePark App

The ePark system works on the basis of a smartphone app.
Methods of payment:
Parking by credit over the phone or by paying the bill at the end of the month.

Satellite Vehicle Tracking

Vehicle status data is sent at periodic intervals or immediately at the user request. The system can provide data on the vehicle position, speed, condition of vehicle devices and important events, as well as data on the history of traveled route, with appropriate map and tabular display.

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Monitoring & Logistic company makes advanced parking management systems as a complete hardware and software solution for the regulation and charging of parking in closed parking lots and open street parking lots. The purpose of this system in both cases is to increase profits while eliminating abuse of parking fees.